April 17, 2013 by Sensei Edward

Larios Karate Championships – Grand Champion Award

Black Belt Competitors!!! Are you ready for this?! Along with the 6 foot trophy awarded to the Kata and Point Sparring Grand Champion, a Movado watch will also be given to each winner!!!



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March 7, 2013 by Sensei Edward

Larios Karate International Championships Date Announced!!

Don’t miss out on this premiere event!!

Larios Karate International Championships will be held in Yuma, AZ on May 4, 2013!! Katas, Point Sparring and for the first time in Yuma, Continuous Sparring events will be available to compete in!!!

Official tournament Brackets and Registration form is posted below!!!

Black Belt Grand Champion Awards:
6ft trophy
Movado Watch

PreRegister and save yourself up to $10 on registration fees!!

Don’t miss out!!!




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March 19, 2012 by Sensei Edward

Porchas Karate Tournament photos

Some photos of our victorious students! If you have any photos/ videos you want to share with us, be sure to email them to master.larios@larioskarate.com or sensei.edward@larioskarate.com!

Videos of some of our students and Sensei’s will be posted soon too!!







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March 19, 2012 by Sensei Edward

Porchas Karate Championships

Congratulations to all the Club participants who placed in the Porchas Karate Tournament in Somerton this past week! Excellent representation of our club was evident, with Sensei Larios receiving an award for the most students in attendance at the event! Be sure to stop by the club to see the award!! For those students that did not place, keep your head up and continue to hard!! Remember, we have another tournament next weekend, 3/24!!! Let’s continue to train hard and represent our club and bring them trophies home!!!

Some videos and pictures from the tournament will be posted soon!!

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